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Search Network

The Google Search Network is the combination of apps and websites listed in the search results page. When advertising on the Google Search Network, your ad may appear next to search results when a related term or keyword is searched.

YouTube ads represent a unique opportunity to reach your audience through videos. All of this with resources such as expense control, target audience segmentation and measurement of results.
Display Network
The Display Network is a set of Google partner sites that join together to receive paid advertising on their pages through Google Ads. Through it, it is possible to promote your brand in a segmented way, helping to attract a qualified audience.
Smart Website for Quote Requests
Our Smart Website model for Quote Requests has as its main objective the faster generation of quote requests, that is, to make the visitor become a potential customer, moving to the next stage of the sales funnel.
Dashboard Online
Ter Dashboard Online que centraliza todos os seus gastos e estratégias, te pertime mais controle e assetividade na toma de decisão. É essencial que as informações estejam sempre de forma acessível e de fácil entendimento.
Individual Consulting
Individual consulting involves teaching and strategic guidance by one of our consultants, aiming to maximize your digital performance, enhance your online reputation, and attract new clients every day through advertisements.
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Just like yourself, we are a family business that started when two cousins decided to venture themselves into helping local businesses to grow.

Once they realized that once a website appears on Google’s first page leads start flowing, they invested in learning how to do it. The partnership was born after one specialized in Google Ads while the other one specialized in Trust-Based Ranking.

Now together we bring the power of paid and organic ranking for our customers!

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